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Music is a very important part of Mónica Miller’s life. Its in her childhood memories and these unexpected appearences are a big influence in her everyday life and perhaps, as Borges said, are the scenes of her aesthetic feelings.
Probably as a consequence of the western art control over the rest of the cultures, the piano has become an archetipical image of the music. Not in vain, Nan June Paik, Josepf Beuys, Georege Maciunas and other artists of the Fluxux movement used this solemn and elegant instrument to show their destructive poetry to attack the high culture.
When Mónica saw a piano taken to pieces in a tuning shop, she felt a strange sadness.
Then, more thoughtful and playful, she tried a patient game of reconstruction.
In a diptych, she displayed a disturbing visual equation between an object whose presence is immediately recognized by us and a grid of minute and mysterious “sculptures”.
Afterwards, she imagined that those independent pieces had come to life and could dance to their own music. She went from the nearly scientific analysis to the choreographic creation.
The brief and delicious tales of these videos let us sense those emotions that, beyond cultural and artistic models, are written in her memory.

Valeria González, Universidad de Buenos Aires


"work I" its a piano, represented as a quality piece, just like a sacred object, deep and intense. Because of its size its magical, almost human and organic. it has presence, its own life and soul. there is something inside it. From within come out the sounds and its spirit is almost independent of the person that plays it (piano photo).
"Work II" , an old and broken piano, unrepairable, out of use, is reduced to its smallest parts. It makes me feel like i am dissecting a dead body. This almost scientific analysis  takes out the poetry, and makes it loose its magic. This work is about the recovery of its original being by showing its pieces (piano pieces photo).

Mónica Miller
Choreographic reconstructions

Artwork produced using video-animation.
The "pianissimo" series talks directly about the crossover between music and dance that I use to construct my artwork.
Childhood memories and visions give color to the images i use to develop my videos.
The playfulness, together with the day to day life, the things lived and learned that are a result of that, relive a memory that ends in a representation.
The rhythm not only underlines each photography but it also transforms it in an animation. The video gives life to my thoughts and the piano, which is the most important element of my work, transforms itself in a symbol and a cultural icon.
Choreographic reconstructions are a result of Works I and II, and all of them are united choreographically and represent the documental aesthetics of my work.

Mónica Miller